Monday, July 8, 2013


Worker bee who flies,
sexing fair, lovely flowers,
also packs a knife.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

High and Holy

She was another human being. 
She was born into this world from a mother.  
She’d been a zygote, an infant, a youth. 

She had arms and legs. 
She had long fingers and toes. 
Her joints moved with fluidity
and a woman’s grace.  

Her breasts would swell as she brought wind into her lungs,
and decrease as she relaxed for the next breath.
Her heart kept time,
pushing and pulling blood in through her veins
and out into her arteries. 
Her cells replicated
and her body processed all things consumed into nourishment and health.
She contained mitochondria, DNA, cytoplasm and nuclei.
She was seventy percent water,
thirty percent carbon,
and all a

Her pores gathered dirt and produced oils. 
Her fingernails grew. 
She shed skin. 
She left small, contoured fingerprints
where once she placed the lightest touch. 
Her hair was a living scroll of life
seen and done. 

Her blue lagoon irises dilated when walking into a bright room.
Light refracted through her corneas,
onto her retinas,
following the optic nerve to her brain where images were processed with chemicals and electricity and experience.
And her will developed thoughts and opinions
for what she saw. 

And new memories were forged as she did through time.   

Air would force from her lungs
vibrating vocal chords,
sending it through petaled lips
that shaped words with delightful sound
as she spoke her heart and mind. 

She glided through a space
with the wake of fragrant breeze. 
Her feet delicately devouring the ground she tread. 

She was full of fluid and bone,
covered in skin and hair. 
Her lovely animal was light,
and with the mightiest of beasts,
would not hesitate survival
if threatened. 

She was neither high nor holy. 

She was another human being,
and she was lovely.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Singular Garden

She was a singular garden of promise sprung upon my lawn.
She was my wild flower,
and I watered her every day,
gave her sunlight.
She’d only look at me,
and it was enough
for a while.

Dirty weeds would try to grow around my wild flower.
I thought I was her master gardener.
I supplied her with all the birdies and the bees,
and photosynthesis time --
gave her everything I thought she’d need
and she’d tell me, “It’s all good.
It’s all fine.”

My little wild flower was the most beautiful I’d ever seen.
She smelled of lavender.
Her petals, lush and ripe and light.
She had some thorns
but I didn’t mind.
She showed up at the right place,
at the right time.

I’d have long conversations with my wild flower.
I’d ask her about the lawn.
I’d ask her about the sky.
I’d ask her about the birds.
I’d ask her about the time.
She would speak in perennials
then say, “Please stop asking.
I’m fine.”

She had an intricate root system from very specific seed.
I kept her looking pretty,
and with plenty of bees.
Oh, I think she loved me,
and saw all the things I’d be,
but what was missing
was what I could not see.

Now there’s hole where once was my little wild flower,
and piled up around the sides
dead birds and bees,
and a cloud in the sky.
My singular garden has left me behind --
nothing was, indeed fine.
But what never occurred to me
was the dirt where she lied.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Rules

You made all the rules, baby,
and I abided with pride and time.
I lined these ducks all in a row, love,
and you decided to change your mind.

You called the sky red,
and then the sky was red --
until you liked blue.
Then the grass got nervous, darling --
it didn’t know what to do.

And all the boys threw themselves on their swords,
all the girls began to swoon.
When you saw what was done,
you changed your tone
and told ‘em you really meant spoons.

You made all the rules, baby.
I counted ‘em one, two, three, four.
But you changed the fine print, love,
and decided to add a few more.

Your ESP really sucks, babe,
and mine was misinformed.
Your robotic jive,
has got no life.
Mr. Spock had to pick himself up from the floor.

And oh, your sweet touch, love,
was always just enough, love,
and sometimes I liked your tone.
But you didn’t talk a lot,
and just plain forgot
the man who made you home.

You changed all the rules, baby,
and when you broke my heart,
you stared at me with puzzled eyes and said,
"Curious fluid from your orbs."

Your words dropped like bombs --
nuclear fallout in my lungs.
I got bedlam of the brain.
You did your part, baby,
sank my titanic heart, baby,
from the belly of Enola Gay.

You’re too exact.
You got no tact.
You’re a replicant,
a robot,
a Vulcan,
a cat.

You made all the rules, baby,
and I made you all my time.
You got scared of a little bored, honey
and now you’ve gone and changed your mind.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Whatever Helps Me Sleep At Night

I woke up this early morning, you were quiet on my mind.
My mind was on you when my eyes were opened.
I wanted you --
had to have you more than life.
Air and blood, electric brain.
Bones and skin, and I nearly died.

You were so very close this morning.
This morning you were so close and gone away. 
I was afraid of your beauty,
of your beauty and the pain.
I watch the shadows all too closely,
and examine wounds of all the slain.

The numbers are coming in right now,
the data tells me that it’s alright.
I’m thinking over overthoughts been taught.
Whatever helps me sleep at night.
Whatever helps me sleep at night.

Today is when I needed you.
I needed you again today.
Each and every syllable examined,
and I peeled apart our last goodbye.
Laid my head down on the block,
waiting for the axe to dive.

Last night I longed and I missed you.
I missed you for a while last night.
I thanked the flowers for your memory,
laced upon the pillowside. 
Pleaded pleas for clairvoyant dreams,
whatever helps me sleep at night.

The signal’s a little clearer now,
and the charts aren’t any telling lies
I’m thinking over overthoughts been taught,
Whatever helps me sleep at night.
Whatever helps me sleep at night.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Very Last Sunset

The very last sunset,
on the world’s finest day,
little piggies with wings.
The ground opens up,
the sky it burns down.
Here we are now
at the end of all things.

You sit next to me,
my words fill your air --
volumes of kisses
tomes of love notes
and you stayed in my prayers.
You said you loved me
with a loud thunder clap,
and Gabriel’s trumpet
shattered the air.

In this apocalyptic now,
four riders on high,
my love,
and you.
I said I would till I died.
Let them all take me away,
at this final hour
finally laughing,
and loved
and right on time.

The very last sunset,
on the world’s finest day,
and bones crumbled away.
This grain of mustard,
moved mountains and you,
my faith's faith,

and you're to remain.

Now at the end of all things,
the best moment of all time,
your lips,
your face,
and your bright lovely mind.
Don’t let it break now,
my heart in your lap --
of seven billion people,
it’s the last of it’s kind.

On my very last sunset,
on my finest day,
all for you,
and loved you,
as I drift away.
You opened my heart up
and brought my walls down,
here we are now
at the end of those things.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Push The Sky Away" -- Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
“Push The Sky Away”
Bad Seeds, Ltd.
Release Date:  February 19, 2013

From the very start, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds’ “Push The Sky Away” album quivers and trembles as if the whole thing would fall apart were it not for Cave’s baritone voice and haunting lyrics holding it all together.

The group’s 15th studio effort is certainly a step in the opposite direction that the prior “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!” left us with.  After Nick and the gang got all that cum-filled energy, cynicism and machismo out of their system, the group has mellowed and Mr. Cave is keen to simply observing the world around him via his high-windowed Brighton home (bedroom and wife featured on the cover art), “Googled curiosities,” and Wikipedia -- which gets name-dropped in the track “We Real Cool.”

“We No Who U R” -- the title texted to us it seems, commenting on current day communication -- is so simple one can easily over-complicate the message.  It is very simply expressing how things happen in the world around us without much regard to one another:  “Tree don’t care what the little bird sings / We go down with the dew in the morning light.”  And it perfectly sets the theme of “observing” that is laced throughout the album.

“Wide Lovely Eyes” is a swaying tribute to Cave’s wife as he watches her go down to the beach.  He catalogues and personifies her every move.  The tune is the most poppy and one of the most catchy songs on the entire album.

Other highlights include a prostitute classic in “Jubilee Street” and cryptic and apocalyptic “Higgs Boson Blues” -- a strange and macabre chronicle of mythical, historical, and speculated events (which may or may not suggest the death of Miley Cyrus) -- almost a “Sympathy For The Devil” in Bad Seeds’ style.

Cave goes meta with “Finishing Jubilee Street.”  Yes, it’s exactly what the title says, and the most haunting track on the album, as he searches for a child “bride called Mary Stanford” from a dream conjured after finishing the tune in question.

Mellow as it is, the entire album throbs with a chilling energy laid down by unconventional loops from Bad Seed Warren Ellis.  And by unconventional, most of said loops aren’t in regular time which adds to the haunting nature of Cave’s lyrics (and provides for a challenging live performance).  The February release of the album seems appropriate given the overall chill of the music that very rarely includes guitar and only occasional light piano throughout.

The album finishes with the title track, and very nearly comments on the different direction the group has chosen, suggesting to stay true to oneself, art, rock and roll, and everything else in spite of what friends and the world may be instructing.  Put simply, “Push The Sky Away.”

Aside:  I had the unique and rare pleasure of seeing Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds perform live at
Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium this past weekend (March 16, 2013). 

The band set things off with four tracks from the new album -- “We No Who U R,” “Jubilee Street,” “Wide Lovely Eyes,” and “Higgs Boson Blues” -- and almost brought the house down with “Jubilee Street.”  I got my money’s worth in the first two songs.  

Once business was out of the way, the group got down to “Red Right Hand” and dirtied it up with over an hour of Bad Seed standards including “From Her To Eternity,” “The Weeping Song,” “Stranger Than Kindness,” and main set ender and house-bringer-downer “Stagger Lee” (which Nick stopped and restarted early in, and still managed to scare the shit out of everyone). 

The group came back and encored with a blistering performance of “Tupelo” and bookended the night perfectly with “Push The Sky Away.”

Cave and company were gracious enough to greet a group of 30 to 40 fans at the backstage door after the show.  He spent a moment with every one of us signing anything and taking photos.

For this and more, check out my pal, Matt Tauber's blog!